A brief introduction to the Webb Estate William Webb developed 260 acres of farmland, over a period of 30 years to bring into existence the Webb Estate. A key part of Webb’s development concept was “Garden First”. Great care was taken over the layout of the development and tthe size and nature of the individual plots. Welcome to the Webb Estate © Copyright Webb Estate Limited 2011 Residents click here to login Residents click here to register I The Webb Estate is a residential conservation area in Purley, about 12 miles South East of London. The name “Purley” is derived from “pirlea”which means “Peartree Lea”. Originally farmland, and now a conservation area, this secluded and relatively exclusive residential area has retained its atmosphere of tranquillity and seclusion for over 90 years. The estate is named after William Webb, a local estate agent, who bought the land in 1888. Webb’s unique approach to development, which gives the estate its character, was based on the simple idea of cooperation between architect and gardener. The estate was built around the imaginative use of plants and shrubs and each road has a unique character. Webb laid out a garden landscape and then introduced 225 properties, all different and carefully sited. The Webb Estate Society was formed in the early 1980’s by a group of residents who wished to preserve the character of the estate. After much work, the estate was designated a conservation area in 1983. In 1999, the Webb family sold the freeholds of the roads to Webb Estate Limited, a company owned by the residents of the estate. This company continues the work of the Webb Estate Society in preserving the character of the estate.
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